Engineers Without Borders

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chapter is one of the largest Engineers Without Borders student chapters in the United States.


Who are we?

Engineers Without Borders is an international organization which strives to develop bottom-up sustainable growth at the community level in the developing world. With over 12,000 members, and 350 projects in 45 different countries, EWB has had a profound impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. EWB-USA UIUC is one of the largest Engineers Without Borders student chapters in the USA. Founded in 2004, the chapter has grown to include three international programs in Nigeria, Guatemala and Cameroon, and over 150 active members. Although the projects constitute the heart and soul of our EWB vision, our chapter looks forward to future growth in many diverse areas. These include the development of new curriculae focused on international development through the College of Engineering, and the creation of chapter-wide workshops and training seminars. The bottom line? You don’t need to be an engineer to make a significant difference in our chapter!

Our Vision

A world in which the communities we serve have the capacity to sustainably meet their basic human needs, and where our members have enriched global perspectives through their interactions with EWB-USA initiatives.

Our Mission

Engineers Without Borders promotes community-driven engineering projects fostered by local partners for a sustainable global future. We foster leadership and personal growth within our student members through the transformative experiences embedded in our projects.




Latest blog posts

Today is our last morning in Ntisaw. We leave at 11 am. Marceline makes us a big breakfast of spaghetti eggs and bread. She baked us an extra loaf to...
Today is our last full day in the village and the first thing we did was have a water committee meeting. Our goal was to reassure the community and do...
This morning Marceline made us French toast for breakfast, it was amazing. Afterwards our team went to the government school to teach those students the five senses lesson. It went...
This morning we started off the day by having another women’s meeting. With them we discussed the library as well as the problem of the high iron content. The biggest...
This morning we had a traditional breakfast of puff puffs (deep fried dough balls) and nutella. It was delicious. Afterwards we got ready for a long day in the rocky...


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