Ecuador Water Filter Project

Meeting Time

Tuesdays/ 6-7 pm/ EH 106B6

About Salasaca

  • 5 Indigineous communities
  • Around 1,500-2,000 people
  • Around 100 miles south of Quito
  • Water supply heavily contaminated with Fluoride



What we’ve done:

  • Established strong connection with collaborators in Quito and are reaching out to community
  • Travelled to Ecuador on previous project; learned about indigenous communities from experience
  • Gathered as much detail about community as we could


What we plan to do:

  • Finish Applications so that we can travel as soon as possible
  • Establish connection with leaders in the community
  • Begin researching design options and learning more about Fluoride filtration
  • Learn and fully understand the needs of the community as well as their values and desires


Currently Accepting Members!

We are currently accepting anyone interested in joining us! Contact us if interested or just show up to our meetings.

If you have any questions or interest, please contact us!

Current Project Leads: Matt Carsello, Justin Paul


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