Meet the Board

President | Sanjana Shah |

I am a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering! I am a die hard Bears fan, I love to eat sour patch kids, and my favorite animal is a beluga whale. I hope that someday I will have a wonderful pet bunny.


Internal Vice President | Nicholas Martin |

I am a sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering. I spend my free time listening to music, and watching basketball, playing basketball, or arguing about basketball. I also enjoy smoothies.


Internal Vice President | Amber Kainz |

I am a junior pursuing majors in Political Science and Global Studies and a minor in Russian and East European Studies. I paint and play guitar poorly, and otherwise spend my time staring off into space.


External Vice President | Alishba Rehman

I’m a sophomore studying chemistry! I love singing, and I’m on an a Capella team called Awaaz on campus. Most importantly, I love, love, love chocolate.


External Vice President | Dewale Adeyinka

I’m a sophomore studying Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering. Most of my time is spent shopping for clothes online, eating Thai food, and playing soccer.


Treasurer | Simran George

I am a sophomore studying Civil Engineering. I am a chicken wing enthusiast, so you can usually find me at Wingin Out. I also love to sing, travel and watch soccer.


Information Officer | Nate Zipperich |

I’m a Freshman studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. If I’m not doing school work, you’ll probably find me playing guitar or listening to weird music. If you’d like, ask me and I’ll make you an espresso.


Information Officer | Andrew Betbadal

I am a sophomore studying electrical engineering. I love to read, play guitar, and eat! My favorite restaurant is Mashawi Grill, cashme at mashawi, howbow dah?


Fundraising Lead | Brian Liu

I am a Sophomore studying Material Science and Engineering.  In my free time, I enjoy shopping at J.Crew (best store EVER), skiing, and most of all, picking things up and putting them down.


Outreach Lead | Dinaz Kureishy

I am a freshman studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. I love traveling and music, and I am a huge foodie!


Marketing Lead | Dhruvi Shah

I’m a freshman studying computer engineering. My interests include boxing, arts & crafts, and dank memes.


Social Chair | Kanchi Shah

I’m a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering. I love skiing, running, scuba diving, and great coffee!


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